August 27

It's time to catch up and let readers know what's been going on this summer.  Over the last few years (since early 1995, actually) I've posted to this web site narratives and over 35,000 images of railroading.  This summer I became so busy with other things that I've done very little photography or train chasing.  It's not that I haven't been doing anything railfan-related though!

When Susan and I married in the summer of 2003, we decided to keep both of our houses for a while.  That plan changed through a fortunate coincidence this year.  My youngest son got a full time teaching job at Grandview in Des Moines and they (a family of four now) started looking for a home to buy in Indianola or Des Moines.  I asked if they'd be interested in my place in Indianola.  One thing led to another and the deal closed at the end of July.

Thus, one of the things keeping me occupied late summer was sorting through 38 years of accumulated possessions and deciding which were to be moved, which stored and which sold or given away.  That task is pretty much complete and I've now moved to the house Susan built on an acreage northeast of Pleasantville.

Susan and I did manage to chase the Challenger when it visited Iowa this summer and we also hosted the July meeting of the Central Iowa Garden Railroad Society.  With lots of help from my brother-in-law Maurice Dyer, we added the "Gazepot" (Gazebo-Depot) to our acreage and also managed to erect an ex-Rock Island crossing signal next to the lane.  The new structure , with a bay window designed to resemble a station agent's desk, contains Susan's potting shed and some storage for the garden railroad rolling stock.  This construction, together with moving two households, made July and August very, very busy months.

That's It!