Labor Day at Osceola

Jan and I decided to have a Labor Day picnic at the small park in front of the BNSF Osceola depot. After picking up some sandwiches, we drove to the depot to find Amtrak agent J.R. Green doing some groundskeeping, "gratis", as he put it - J.R. and Pat like to keep the station looking nice for the passengers. We were joined for lunch by a large and very friendly neighborhood feline. I'd expected Labor Day to be relatively quiet on the railroad, but we saw eight trains pass between 12:30 and 3:15.

During a lull in the traffic, I visited with Signal Maintainer Reese, who was deciding where to stow the gear he was moving from his old green pickup into his new white hirail-equipped one.

We'd been listening on the scanner to warrants being given and released, and to trains reporting themselves out of Creston. It seemed from the radio traffic that there was nothing else nearby, so we headed back home.

That's It!