Humanities 290, Railroading in Iowa
May Term 1996
Daily 8:30 - 9:45, 12:45 - 2:00
Professor, Dick Tinder

Course Objectives
	In this course you will learn about railroading in Iowa from both historical 
and contemporary perspectives.  Through direct instruction, guest speakers, videos, 
reading, research and field trips, you will develop what might be called railroad 
literacy.  The course work will have two principle components, the history of 
railroads in Iowa, and the nature of contemporary railroading in Iowa and the 

	To fulfill the first objective, each participant in the class will research an 
aspect of the history of railroading in Iowa and will produce a document (specific 
requirements below) and an oral report.  Some of the classroom instruction, 
discussions and field trips will support this portion of the course.  The second 
objective will be addressed through classroom presentations, field trips, 
discussion, and reading in the text, "The Railroad, What It Is, What It Does" by 
John Armstrong.

History Project
	At the outset of the class you will be expected to select an Iowa town or 
county (your hometown, for example) for the focus of your presentation on 
railroading history.  I will assist you in this endeavor with a discussion of Iowa's 
evolving railroad map.  Your report should trace the railroad(s) from inception to 
current condition, and will be submitted on paper, as a word processing document on 
disk, and orally to your class.  This report should include illustrations such as 
maps and/or pictures, and must have appropriate bibliographic information on the 
sources you use.  Your report or portions of it may be published on the World Wide 
Web as a part of "Virtual Train Watching in Iowa",

Miscellaneous Travel Details
	Bring your map.  Bring a camera.  You may wish to take photographs in support 
of your history project or just for your own purposes.  I will be documenting the 
trips for publication on the WWW.  Naturally, you will be expected and encouraged to 
take notes as we hear from guest speakers and visit sites of railroading interest, 
so always bring along a notebook and pen or pencil.

	We will be out of the classroom and on the road at least four days during the 
term.  Each of these days will involve some long van rides between sites, so come 
prepared to study, rest, recreate or whatever.  Be equipped for inclement weather - 
it's springtime in Iowa!  We will typically leave early and return late, making 
frequent rest (and train-watching) stops along the way.  You'll need a few dollars 
to buy meals and snacks, including what you have to eat aboard Amtrak.  All train 
tickets, fares, admission fees, and van transportation will be paid from the class 
fee you were charged by the business office.

	Your grade in this course will be based upon the quality of your history 
project and upon your participation in the class activities described in the 
schedule below.  Although most of this will be fun, it is fun with academic purpose.  
Don't forget to earn a good grade while enjoying yourself.

Schedule of Activities
	In the schedule below you will see that we will be very busy during this brief 
course.  Please be punctual, particularly on excursion days.  If you can't make it 
to a class trip, be sure to notify me in advance and have an ironclad excuse.

	Most days in the schedule have a reading reference in Armstrong's book.  
Generally, the reading topic(s) will be discussed in class on the following day.  
Supplemental reading and other instructional materials will be handed out in class.  
I will also make available a large collection of periodicals and miscellaneous 
railroad-related publications that class members may browse or check out for short 
periods of time.

Guests, Special Presentations:
		Merle Reisner - Amtrak, IARP, NARP, Hobos
		Harry Grossman - Midwest Traction Railroads
		John Smith - Operation Lifesaver
		Dick Tinder - Rock Island in Indianola and Des Moines

		The Rock Island Railroad
		The CRANDIC Route
		Wheels of Progress - Rock Island
		Santa Fe - Diesel Loco Servicing
		Evolution of the Air Brake
		The Railroad Story
		Rolling the Freight
		Operation Fast Freight
		California Zephyr
		On Board Amtrak
		Engineer's Daily Inspection
		GE DASH 9-44CW Walk Around
		Train 110 - BN Freight
		End of Train Communications - Santa Fe
		The Right Decision - Engineer Training


Monday, April 29
	Discussion of Syllabus, Administrative details
	Project Selection 
	Iowa's Evolving Railroad Map
	Reading: Chapter 2, pages 7-14, Chapter 3 Trackwork

Tuesday, April 30
	Discuss Right of Way
	Discuss, Finalize History Projects
	Videos Amtrak and California Zephyr
	Reading: Chapter 4 - Locomotives, Chapter 17 - Passenger Services

Wednesday, May 1 - Excursion!
	Departure: 8:30 am, Hillman Lot
		Beech, Melcher, Chariton - UP Spine, Depots, CWR project
		Albia - BNSF Halpin to Maxon CTC, UP Interchange, Syrup Turn
		Moravia - APNC (ex-Wabash, NW, NS) Historic depots, Museum
		CP (ex-Soo, MILW) Bridges of Monroe County Tour
		Ottumwa - BNSF, CP Junction, Depot, Steam Loco
		Washington - Joint RI, MILW depot
		Mt Pleasant - Old Thresher's Museum, Midwest Central RR
			BNSF (ex-CB&Q) depot
			Board Amtrak #5 California Zephyr at 7:20,
			Dinner in the diner, Celebrate Amtrak's 25th Anniversary
		Detrain Osceola, van to Indianola - back approx. 10:00 pm

Thursday, May 2 - Afternoon Meeting Only
	Reading: Chapters 5 and 6 - Freight Cars and Trains

Friday, May 3
	Air Brakes
	Reading: Chapter 7 - Signals and Communication

Monday, May 6
	Signals, Dispatching
	CRANDIC video, discussion
	Reading: Chapters 8 and 9 - Paperwork and Freight Car Types

Tuesday, May 7 - Excursion!
	Departure 7:00 am, Hillman Lot
		Newton - Restored RI depot
		Grinnell - Refurbished RI depot
		IAIS (ex RI) RoW
		Iowa City - IAIS, Tour Yard, Dispatching and Shop
			CRANDIC terminal
		Cedar Rapids - CRANDIC terminal
		Marshalltown - UP Yard, Branch Lines
		Nevada - KC/Chicago Junction
		Cambridge - UP Spine, Abandoned MILW RoW, Trail

Wednesday, May 8 - Afternoon Meeting Only
	UP Engineer John Smith - Operation Lifesaver Presentation
	Reading: Chapters 10, 11, 12 - Ownership and Management of Cars

Thursday, May 9
	Signalling, Car Types
	Reading Chapters 13, 14, 15 - Types of Trains and Services

Friday, May 10 - Excursion!
	Departure, 7:00 am, Hillman Lot
		Des Moines - UP Short Line Yard, ex-RI Depot
		West Des Moines, Booneville, Dexter, Stuart ex-RI
		Redfield, Adel, Minburn, Perry - depots and RoW
		Boone - UP Kate Shelley Bridge
		Boone and Scenic Valley - Train ride, Tour Shop
			Ride departs 1:30
		Ames - Depot

Monday, May 13
	Train Types, Management
	Reading: Chapters 18, 19 - Organization and Administration

Tuesday, May 14
	Locomotive Simulator Video
	Harry Grossman - Midwest Traction
	Optional Excursion - 6:30 p.m. Iowa State Fairgrounds
		Central Iowa Railroad Club
	Reading: Chapters 20, 21, 22 - Railroad Operations

Wednesday, May 15 - Excursion!
	Departure - 6:00 am, Hillman Lot
		Lenexa, Kansas - SP Training Center, Arrive 10:00 am
			Presentations by
				Gary McClain, Director
				Dave Stanton - Legal
				Stacy McGhehey - Intermodal
				Bill Berry - Carload
			Locomotive Simulator
				Paul Brooks and Craig Thomas
		Osceola - Amtrak CZ
		Return to Indianola, Approx. arrival -10:00 pm

Thursday, May 16 - Afternoon Meeting Only
	Rock Island - Dick Tinder

Friday, May 17
	Meet 8:00 - 10:30
	Project Presentations
	Prize Drawing