Two CIGRS Meetings

Sunday, September 19

The September meeting of the Central Iowa Garden Railroad Society was at the home of Richard Jones and Marshall Young in Iowa City.  Their garden railroad is called the "Lake George & Boulder
Division of the Birds, GardeNs, & A Terrified Squirrel Fleeing RR".  If you look carefully, you'll find initials in there for toy manufacturer LGB and prototype railroads BN and ATSF.  Richard's well-populated layout includes numerous buildings and accessories, and is under computer control.  Those areas not visible from the control location are monitored by closed-circuit TV.  After our meeting, we were treated to a very tasty catered luncheon.  While we were in town, Susan and I stopped by the IAIS line near the Coral Ridge Mall to check out the ski train, being used to ferry football fans to Iowa games.

Sunday, October 17

This month's meet was at the Leaky Creek railroad, north of Perry at the home of Denny and Sandy Glick.  The railroad got its name from the water feature that runs diagonally through the layout.  For a while, the Glicks had some problems keeping the water in the creek!  We had a fairly cool and breezy afternoon which, together with a scarcity of rolling stock and frequent derailments, kept most of us indoors.  Fortunately, the club meeting fit well in the Glick's three-car garage.  Club president Joe Godfroy promoted his latest fund-raising project (buying a trailer) and awarded a seemingly endless supply of silly "door prizes".

That's It!