Derailment in Boone
December 27

The UP had an incident at the west end of the Boone yard a couple of days ago. A coal load derailed and dropped a car or two off of the Highway 17 underpass. Fortunately, no automobiles were underneath at the time and no one was injured. Jan and I decided to run up there on Monday afternoon and have a look.

Just as we were getting into town, around 3:45, we heard someone call in on the radio and say that the west lead was back in service. We found that the highway was still blocked, however, pending inspection of the structure. There was quite a bit of spilled coal beside the road, and some people were scavanging it when we arrived. I took a few shots of the site and of the CWEX cars that had been "hulchered" neatly south of the tracks.


There was a good collection of power in the Boone yard, including CNW 4710, UP 6852, 6824, 6628 and 8076. A couple of SW-types were doing some switching at the west end. Parked just west of the yard were UP 8230 and 7001.

There's very little light left by this time, so we started back eastward. At the east end of the yard GECX 4003 and 7091 were waiting to run over to KC Junction to pick up a train. A little further to the east, at 4:45, we met a westbound manifest with CNW 4400 and 4707. I grabbed one more picture before we called it an evening and left for home.

That's It!