After what seems like a very long time, we're back and have been trackside again. Jan encountered a debilitating reaction to a chemotherapy drug (Xeloda) and for nearly a month my spare time has been taken caring for her. She lost the use of her hands as well as suffering digestive problems that caused her to drop 18 lbs. in just a couple of weeks.

This morning it feels like we have a few cars over the top of a long grade. This thing's beginning to pull a little easier now. We have our air and a little sand left and we're determined to be home on our hours.

Yesterday we took advantage of a sunny afternoon and headed for Short Line. At Carlisle we found a southbound waiting north of the siding with SP 8599 and UP 606. They posed for a couple of pictures before we left them to go on up to the yard. From the radio conversations it sounded like they were waiting on MoW and would be meeting a northbound at Williamson. We later heard the detector report them at 202 axles.

We arrived at Short Line to find the PRDM pulling into track 2 and watched as they cut off their power, UP 5963 and 5704. The Jeep's thermometer showed 10 degrees and there was a brisk west wind picking up the dry snow. I took my pictures through the windshield. The conductor cleaned switches and turned his face away from the wind as the units came east and then started back toward the west end of the yard.

Have a great Christmas, friends!