Albia Victorian Christmas and Relco Tour

Saturday, December 6

On Saturday we traveled to Albia to check out a garden railroad display that included our club, the Central Iowa Garden Railroad Society (CIGRS).  Here are a few images from the complex layout housed in a bank lobby:

Garden Trains 1
Garden Trains 2
Garden Trains 3
Garden Trains 4
Garden Trains 5

As you can see from the pictures, some sort of record must have been set for track density, and much of it was running.  Cleaning up after a derailment was a major chore, since there was little room left to walk among the rail lines.

After lunch, the group was invited to the facility of Relco, a locomotive rebuilder at the south end of town.  On the way into the plant, we saw this interesting unit, creatively constructed and painted.  Inside the plant, on the shop floor, it was apparent immediately that these people are equipped to fabricate just about anything you'd like in a loco!  Parts and assemblies of all kinds were distributed around the plant.