Boone Model Railroad Meet

Saturday, November 11

Byron and I agreed to meet in Boone on Saturday and check out the annual model railroad meet at the United Community School building.  I left the ranch around 8:00 and took Hwy. 5 toward Carlisle and the east bypass around Des Moines.  Just before I got to Hartford, the UP detector at MP 61.6 announced a train, and I managed to stop and get some shots as they passed over the Hwy 5.  The southbound manifest was led by UP 4374, 4681 and 478.

I arrived in Boone around 9:30 and found a coal empty with UP 6635 and as yet unpatched SP 309 changing crews at Shamrock.  An eastbound manifest was waiting on traffic at the end of the yard.  A westbound long pool stacker arrived at 10:11 with UP 5543, 4512 and 4666 on the point, and UP 7759 running DP on the rear.  As soon as they cleared, the manifest, with UP 8338, 6547 and UPY 725 rolled out of the yard.

Byron and Blake arrived soon, and we headed on over to the school building to have a look at the meet.  Here are a few images:

Well Attended, as Usual
Instant Layout - For Sale
Large N Modular
Silent Auction
Model Contest Depot
Model Contest Caboose

We headed into town for lunch and ate by the UP mainlines.  We caught a stacker at 12:50, with UP 7710, 8554 and 8568 in the lead and with midtrain power UP 5279 and 5227.  Before heading to our respective homes, we drove down to Moingona to get a picture of an old Rock Island streamlined passenger car there.

That's It!