Kate Shelley Meet

Saturday, November 6

On Saturday morning, Susan and I headed for the United Community school between Ames and Boone for the Kate Shelley model railroad meet.  Things were well underway by the time we arrived, just after 9:00.  The CIGRS club had their display layout running in the lobby, with trains powered by traction motors as well as foreign tank locos.  Kent Girouex had a few sections of a modular layout, including a "fantasy" Rock Island unit.  Girouex's web site has pictures and references to some very large scale models.

A regular at these meets, Gary Kline, had a large, detailed N modular setup going that incorporated features like a burning building.  An Ames Boyscout group, Troop 160, had a modular HO layout going.

We spent some time in the gym with the vendors and I eventually picked up another Bachmann 4-6-0 with a couple of passenger cars for our garden railroad.  I got a few pictures of some entries in some of the model contest categories:
DME 6359, "Mount Rushmore"
BNSF 9647, the so-called "Barf Bonnet"
AMTK 39984, ex-El Capitan Diner
Work Caboose
Donkey Engines flat car load
Bulkhead Flat with pipe
Wooden Coaling Tower
After a couple of hours at the meet, Susan and I decided to go into Boone.  On the way we intercepted two CWEX coal loads, each running on one of the mainlines.  The first, east of Jordan, was on Main 2 and had UP 6782 and 6865 on the front and a third unit behind.  Just behind it was another load running on Main 1 with UP 5892 on the point and UP 6504 in back.

Once in Boone, we were treated to a more or less steady stream of UP traffic.  A westbound manifest was changing crews at the yard office at 11:15 when an eastbound came through.  The eastbound had UP 8505 and 8510 in front and passed the yard office just as the crew change was completed and the westbound started to pull.  The westbounder had three units, UP 3076, 3184 and 3068.

We drove out to the Boone and Scenic Valley depot to see if there were anything going on there, but it was pretty quiet.  While in the west end of town, we did see a couple of trains pass.  At 11:40 we caught a NORX coal load with UP 7187 and freshly-painted 5644.  Before its cars had passed a westbound intermodal came flying by with UP 4479, 9706 and 4147.  We moved back toward downtown Boone, stopping once for another eastbound, this time a manifest led by UP 9810, 1836 and 2903.  After they passed, we went downtown to a BBQ joint for lunch.

After lunch, at 1:00, we intercepted one more train just west of the old depot.  This was an eastbound stack train with UP 5003 and CSX 7773 on the point.  They crossed over from Main 1 to Main 2 at the high speed switches.

Our next stop was the B&SV depot where a large group of speeders had gathered (after?) their excursion on the tourist line.  Among them were enclosed and curtained hardtop models, and even a roadster.

Monday, November 8

While we're doing UP, here are a couple of pictures taken around 3:00 in the afternoon at Beech, Iowa.  A stack train was tied down in the Beech siding with UP 4623 and 4300.  I'd heard a warrant given to a southbound with a BN unit leading while on the highway, so I went to the grade crossing north of town to catch them coming through.  At 2:55 I saw BN 9662 and UP 2930 bring a manifest through on the Spine Line.

That's It!