Kate Shelley Meet

Saturday, November 4

Susan and I had overnight company, and once they were on the road I headed for the Kate Shelley model railroad meet at United Community Middle School near Boone.  Byron called to say that he and Blake would be coming to meet me at the school today.  I checked out Short Line Yard in Des Moines along the way and around 9:30 found a grain empty at the BN diamond waiting for a fresh crew.  Nothing much else was moving at the yard this morning.

I got to the model railroad event about 10:30.  The CIGRS club had their modular, currently undergoing some modifications and addtions, going in the central hallway.  Blake and Byron showed up just after I did and we spent the rest of the morning checking out the modular layouts, vendors area and model contest.  I got a few pictures of some really fine models in the contest:

Nevada office
Boone Depot
RI Boxcar
CNW Stockcar
RI Hirailer
RI 116
IAIS 720
CGW F Units
Gowrie Depot
Grinnell Bank
For lunch, we headed into Boone, picked up some takeout and parked by the rails.  The only railroad activity we managed to catch at lunchtime was a pair of units, UP 6520 and 6469, brought out west of the crossovers and cut apart.

After lunch we went back to the meet for a while and then Byron and Blake decided to head back toward their home.  I was planning on staying for the Rock Island Technical Society meet in the evening, so I went to the east end of the Boone yard and watched traffic on the UP mains.  Things were a bit busier than when we were out at lunch time:

2:40 - MAXX coal load with UP 5975 and 8035
2:56 - MWGX coal load with UP 6751 and 8014 in front, 5607 behind
3:19 - NORX coal empty that had been parked east of town comes in, UP 7166 and 8200
3:28 - Eastbound Freight with 4 units, yards part of the train and drops two units, UP 9690, 9782, 9728 and 9685
3:50 - Eastbound Freight behind UP 2382, 2245 and 2456
4:20 - UP 9690 and 9782 depart with a portion of the train they brought in.
4:39 - Long Pool Stacker with UP 8443, 4179 and 8461 rolls through eastbound.
After supper, organization Vice President Howard Hoy presented a short slide show to the eleven members present for the RITS meet.  This was followed by a few pictures of the Chinese steam locomotives running around near the quad cities recently, and we were on our way home.

That's It!