Boone Area Meet

Saturday, November 2

After several days of rainy weather early in the week, Friday and Saturday arrived clear and sunny.  I was looking forward to getting some pictures and seeing old friends on Saturday at the Kate Shelley Division model railroad meet at the United Community school building between Ames and Boone.  I headed north fairly early Saturday morning and passed the school around 8:30.

"Buffs" were already in place at the east end of the UP yard in Boone when I pulled up around 8:45.  A coal load, miscellaneous company hoppers with UP 7174 and SP 130, had just stopped for a crew change at the "Hard Road" crossing.  At 8:55, the coal load was overtaken and passed by a "Long Pool" automobile train with UP 4521, 2264 and 4861 on the point.

A westbound manifest was waiting on Main 2 just east of the yard at the "Shamrock Crossing."  The auto train was on the same track and took the high speed crossover back onto Main 1.

Just five minutes behind, another eastbound was to be taken around the coal load.  This was a short intermodal with UP 4428 and 9801 in charge.  They took the signal for the crossover and were very quickly out of the way of both trains.

I drove east from the yard to have a look at the waiting manifest.  This train, with UP 9757 and 7313 started moving again just after 9:00.

From the elevators at Jordan I could see another westbound coming slowly toward the yard.  This was another manifest (DMEA?) with UP 3040, 3041 and 3026.  They met the coal load, by now rolling east out of Boone Yard, at 9:20.  With a very nice early morning "catch" already in the camera's memory, I headed back to the school to check out the train meet.

The meet was well-attended, with a large number of vendors in the gym and several layouts running outside in the hallway.  One small and well-detailed layout, Termite Lumber, was up for sale.  Also in operation were an N scale modular layout by the Kate Shelley club and an HO setup brought in by the Iowa Central group from Marshalltown.

One room of the school was set aside for the model contest and another for the silent auction.  I took pictures of some of the contest models:

PFE Reefer
Transformer Load
Light Industry
ATSF Crane and Tender
Santa Fe Diorama
Santa Fe Diorama
After attending a clinic on layout design by Rich Liebich, "On Beyond Armstrong", I headed into town to have some takeout lunch by the UP mainlines.  At 12:20 just west of the new yard office I caught a westbound stacker with a CNW lead unitTrailing power was UP 7118 and 8191.  My next (and last) pictures of the day were of another automobile train at the east end of Boone Yard.  UP 4305 and 2489 powered this unit train.  I returned to the meet for a while in the afternoon before heading back south to Indianola.


Running Extra

Trips to Kansas City, Fort Madison and Keokuk

Kansas City, October 12

My friend Susan Murphy and I traveled to KC on this weekend to visit Susan's daughter and son-in-law.  Saturday was rainy and cool, but we did make a short stop at Santa Fe Jct. to see a yard transfer come through behind BNSF 9796.  Our only other railroad-related activity on this weekend was a visit to the restored Kansas City Union Station.  I got a few shots of the interior, including the original concourse and this Fred Harvey sign.

Fort Madison and Keokuk, October 26 and 27

On this weekend I made a quick round trip from home to the Mississippi River area of southeast Iowa.  Along the way, I stopped Saturday afternoon in Burlington to check out the BNSF's use of remote control locos, like this ancient SD, BNSF 6104.  Saturday night was spent in Fort Madison at the Kingsley Inn, my third visit there.  This refurbished hotel provides excellent train watching from the rooms on the front of the building.

Here are a couple of shots of Sunday sunrise from the "Potowonoc" room on the east end of the third floor.   This room provides a great view of the river and of the two-level bridge that the ATSF transcon route uses to cross the Mississppi.  Traffic on the doubletrack line is heavy, mostly intermodals with a few manifests, and this is the route of Amtrak's Southwest Chief.  The near track is the BN "K" line running south along the river from Burlington to West Quincy, MO.

I drove to Keokuk Sunday morning and got this picture of some freshly-painted PREX locos, 2018, 2057, 2054 and 2053.  I also spotted this (primered?) heavyweight observation car, that at last spring's visit to Keokuk had been painted gray and lettered as the "Chief Keokuck".  Behind the passenger cars was an old Alco.  I got these pictures with a telephoto and didn't go across the rails to get closer, since I'd been chased out of this area by a guard on my last visit during Simpson's spring break.

Keokuk is also home to this interesting CB&Q depot, a structure that would be a great candidate for restoration.  Unfortunately, the view from the platform of the river is blocked by the Keokuk Junction railroad's yard.

Back in Fort Madison late in the morning, I caught a crew change on a stack train pulled by BNSF 8203 and 8301.  This train pulled down toward the bridge on Main 2, but was held for Amtrak to come around on Main 1.  No. 4, the Southwest Chief, arrived at 11:45 for a quick stop and crew change.  The passenger train was out of the station at 11:50.  In the Chief this morning:

AMTK 83, 166, 158, 185
Baggage 1726
Transition Sleeper 39036
Sleepers 32006, 32009 "George M. Pullman"
Diner 38065
Sightseer Lounge 33003
Coaches 31541, 34075 and 34004
Sleeper 32103
Four boxcars, three Xpresstrak and fifteen roadrailers.
That's It!