IARP Meeting in Boone
October 18, 1997

Saturday, Jan and I headed north for Boone and a meeting of the Iowa Association of Railroad Passengers. We took a quick look at Short Line on our way through Des Moines. Venerable GeeP CNW 4102 was switching at the south end of Hull Avenue yard.

We arrived at Jordan around 10:00, just in time to see an eastbound block of empty autoracks behind UP 3074 and 3230. They had just met a coal empty, of WPSX hoppers, stopped east of the Boone yard. On the point were UP 7069 and UP 7077. We made a quick pass by the yard office in Boone. Power on hand: CNW 4107 and 4705, and UP 1738 and 5338.

While I set out to get some pictures of the Boone and Scenic Valley activity and to attend the IARP meeting this morning, Jan kept an eye on the UP mains. Here's her log:

10:16: EB - NSPX coal load, UP 6593 and 8025
10:25: WB - coal empty we'd seen east of Boone
10:30: EB - manifest, CNW 6914 and UP 2530
10:43: EB - containers, CNW 8694, 7033, and UP 6275
10:47: WB - containers, CNW 8700, 8515, UP 3802 and 3367, "Bird"
(traffic delayed for loco problems on two trains - 8694 is set out and help is called for a WB with a wheel slip indication that turns out to be on an axle with no motor)
12:05: WB - containers, UP 9540, 9542, 6335, another "Bird"
(I returned from the IARP meeting and we had a picnic by the tracks)
12:16: EB - WEPX coal load, UP 6792 and 6779
12:45: EB - EDGX coal load, UP 7068 and 9491
1:05: WB - PRBX coal empty, UP 8004, SP 377 and SP 8695
1:24: EB - manifest, CNW 8674, SSW 9657
1:39: WB - EDGX coal empty, missed the power
The BSV was exceptionally busy on this sunny and warm afternoon and it was hard for patrons to find a parking place. An addition to the west end of the depot was under construction. I was told that it would eventually hold the museum's gift shop in order to make more room for office space in the depot.

A long train waited in front of the depot for the BSV steam engine to couple on for the trip to Fraser Switch. In the consist were Rock Island coach 2584, equipped with a lift for wheelchairs, CNW caboose 11136 and RI caboose 17051. Former Chicago, South Shore and South Bend cars 38 and 39 served as additional coach space.

Other Scenic Valley equipment in operation included side-rod "critter" 1858 (the "Cyclone") and red and maroon 1003. Another critter was on hand to take the IARP members on an excursion to Wolf later in the day.

The BSV's Chinese steamer, 8419, coupled onto the rear of the long train. While standing, there was time for a young lady to get a close look at the cab. After some delay to load the large group of passengers, the engine backed across Division street and departed for Fraser.

Once the steam excursion was out of the way, SP 9044, the "City of San Francisco" was available and the red carpet was rolled out. IARP president Dick Welch greeted members as they came aboard the refurbished car for the group's meeting.

Inside the car, the group assembled at tables in the rear for their business meeting. BSV personnel served refreshments from a bar located near the center of the car. Reports from the group's officers were received, and before long it was time to prepare for departure on the trip to Wolf.

Today's Fraser train was long enough that it would not fit between the Division street crossover and the east siding switch. Consequently, it was necessary for the train to pull eastward in order for the Wolf train to depart. The IARP group crowded onto the rear platform as the observation car was pushed out of the siding and westward toward the Des Moines River valley.

After the Wolf train was on the mainline, the steamer shoved its train back to the west. It then cut off, pulled east and backed into the siding beside the train. Since the rear of its train now fouled the crossover, BSV diesel 1003 came up from an engine house track, coupled to the east end of the train and pulled it eastward to clear the crossover, allowing the steam engine to get back onto the rear of its train for the next run.

Trolley car rides were also available, using the beautifully restored Charles City and Western car 50. We followed the car on one of its trips downtown, getting pictures of it as it popped out from between buildings and as it neared the east end of its short run.

On our way out of Boone, we checked out the UP yard once again, finding CNW 8605 and 8711 on a westbound CWEX empty tying down near the yard office. In addition to some of the power we'd seen earlier, CNW 5949 and 8694 were on the turntable.

Back at Jordan at 2:00, we stopped to get pictures of another westbound intermodal train with CNW 8717, UP 3576 and UP 3636 on the point. As we rolled down Highway 30, we saw another westbound, a manifest with two UP units.

At 2:20, we stopped at Ames Yard, just outside Nevada, to check out a manifest pulling westward out of the yard. On the headend were CNW 6914, UP 2530 and UP 9701. Two other railfans were train-watching at the same spot. We went into Nevada for a quick pitstop and returned to Ames yard at 3:05 to see an eastbound manifest with CNW 8515, 8259, UP 9?94 and MPI 9001 on the head end.

Although we kept hearing more, "Okay on the whatever side" on our scanner, we decided it was time to head back to Indianola.

That's It!