Rail Grinder on the UP

Tuesday, October 6

Tipped off by an email from Carlisle's Neil Ruddy, and after checking in on my Mom in Indianola, I headed north on a rainy Tuesday morning to see if I could get some pictures of a rail grinder.  The unit was already out of town when I got to Carlisle, but I could hear discussion on the scanner as they worked north toward Short Line.  I missed them at Avon, but finally managed the interception at 9:30 as they passed under the Hwy. 65 bypass at the north end of the Avon siding.  The collection of machinery, apparently previously owned by the Pandrol & Jackson company, now carried the reporting mark "RMSX", with the pieces numbered from 501 through 511.  Here are the images:

Lead Unit RMSX0501
Bunk 502 and 503
Rear Unit RMSX0511

That's It!