A Short Trip to Short Line
Saturday, October 2

On Saturday afternoon I did a short presentation on railfanning and Internet resources for the Iowa Association of Railroad Passengers in Des Moines. Afterward, Jan and I went to Short Line Junction to see if we could catch any traffic.

We got to the junction around 2:45 and didn't have to wait long for a train. A drag came down from Hull Avenue yard behind UP 2145 and pulled around the northeast leg of the wye into Short Line.

The first mainline traffic was a northbound grain train. This turned out to be the same train we'd seen southbound in Melcher last Sunday evening. On the point were UP 5075, NS 5011 and WC 6578. I took a second shot of the WC unit as they passed us. The train had mostly DME cars.

Two CNW units were doing the switching duties at the west end of the yard this afternoon, CNW 1307 and CNW 4617.

We'd had an early lunch today. I remember looking at my watch and finding it was only 3:45 and thinking "Why am I so hungry this afternoon?" A couple of minutes later, Jan asked if I were hungry, which prompted a decision to go get some takeout and come back to the junction for supper.

At 4:35 another grain train, this time a southbound empty, came through the junction. Power consisted of UP 2957, 4212 and 5935, again, mostly DME cars.

In the yard, a couple of trains were preparing to leave. At 5:00, one of them got moving and came around the northeast leg to go north out of town. As they started into the curve, someone came out onto the walkway and started taking pictures of us. They continued from the cab window as the train went by. The power, UP 5634 and UP 5949, was trailed by an interesting unit marked "Peavy", PVX 444. They were sent to Cambridge to meet two southbounds, and we headed home.

That's It!