DMO at Hawkeye

October 2 and 11

This shot, taken on Thursday, October 2, shows the completion of work on the State Street grade crossing.  It's been a long wait, and all of us who use this road daily are grateful that it is finally completed!

A few days later, Saturday, October 11, I went to the same crossing to catch the DMOWQM, out of Des Moines at 6:30.  I'd overheard a discussion with the dispatcher that morning where the crew was asked how long it would take them to get to Albia, approximately a 65 mile trip.  The reply was "If we don't have work at Knoxville, about four and a half hours."  With work at Knoxville, they would not make Burlington on their hours.  I heard them arranging for a "dog catch" later that day.  The local had a very short train today, and was led by BNSF 3028, BNSF 7044 and BNSF 123.  After they crossed State Street, I headed back home before going out for a little more train-watching on Saturday afternoon.  (See next Recent Excursion).

That's It!