Restoration Days in Albia

Saturday, August 26

Friday, August 25

On my way to the first faculty meeting of the year I lucked out and encountered the DMOWQM with the clear morning sun behind me.  The train was led by three units, BNSF 2970, 6354 and FURX 7273.

Saturday, August 26

With no meetings to attend, it was cloudy with a bit of ground fog, of course!  Susan and I headed for Albia and "Restoration Days", mostly because she wanted to see a quilt show that was part of the program.  As we neared the town around 10:00, I could tell from conversation on the scanner that a train was stopping to switch the interchange track west of Maxon, so we drove out there first.  Here were the same locos I'd seen on Friday morning, still facing the same direction, with 7273 in the lead.  As the Des Moines-bound train moved the head end west, blocking a grade crossing, I got a closeup of the middle unit, ex-SF BNSF 6354.

KRS told a nearby westbound that they would be crossing over to Main 2 to go down the hill, so we went out to Old Maxon and caught them at 10:14.  The set of PSTX tubs was led by BNSF 5899 and BNSF 9892.

I took Susan to the quilt show and returned to Maxon for two more trains.  At 10:42 a distributed power empty of UCEX cars came along on Main 1.  This train had BNSF 5154 and 5375 in front and BNSF 5735 trailing.  Just before 11:00, with the WQMDMO onto the branch and out of the way of westbounds, another train came through Old Maxon with BNSF 6059, 9266 and 8265 on the point, followed by KGLX/COMX/EXEX cars.  This train stopped to pick up some tank cars of diesel fuel, but could not locate the waybills.  Apparently, an earlier empty had taken some of 26 waiting cars, and had taken all of the bills.  After lots of discussion and phone calls, the bills were FAX'd to the Albia depot and they were able to proceed.

That's It!