Short Line with Gary Wright

Wednesday, August 19

Colorado resident Gary Wright insists he is still a Warren County, Iowa, native.  He visits relatives near Milo each summer and contacts me about train watching.  We arranged to make a run to Des Moines this year and got together on Wednesday morning.

We arrived at Short Line Junction around 9:15 and caught some light power off of the EADM coming down into the yard.  UP 6049 was leading a couple of ex-SP "patch" units, UP 6195 and 6362.  We had a long wait for the next move, though we could watch Job 1, with UPY 1439 and LLPX 2248 working the west end of the yard.

At 11:15, one unit, UP 4220, was turned on the wye and run north to the Hull Ave. yard.  A southbound train, the DMDM, came by us and around the northeast leg of the wye at 11:42.  The train, which makes a round trip to Marshalltown, was powered by UP 4647 and 4738.

A westbound Iowa Interstate train, with four cars, came into the yard just before noon, dropped one car and picked up four more.  They were across the Spine Line diamond at 12:00 with IAIS 719.

We caught the northbound DMMC leaving at 12:09.  They were to meet the MCDM at Broadway on the way north out of Des Moines.  Leading the DMMC were UP 3923, 4816 and 4268.  Gary and I took a quick break and returned just in time to see the MCDM rounding the northeast leg and heading into the yard.

That's It!