Passengers at Short Line Junction
August 13, 1997

I was running out of rail joiners for the latest incarnation of the Rock Island in my basement, so Jan and I headed up to Des Moines and to Hobby Haven. After obtaining the things I needed (and more), we drove over toward the east side of town and Short Line Junction to see what might be afoot. We'd heard the Iowa Interstate planning a meet, and found the eastbound train waiting at West 16th street at 2:50 with IAIS 431 and 101 on the point.

Out at Short Line Junction, the UP was running the KSIT, with UP 9014, B4303 and SSW 9634 across Market Street.

The next train across the Junction was the westbound IAIS, with 601, 850, 627 and 600 on the point. Just as they pulled out of the yard, three young men came from the weeds north of the track and climbed aboard a gondola. The first jumped into the car and then went to the rear to help his friends up the ladders and into the car with him.

Before we left town, we waited to see a "work train" leave the yard, headed for Trenton, MO. It consisted of only an engine and caboose, CNW 4605 and MoPac transfer caboose 13832. The caboose was so cute, I had to take a second picture of it.

That's It!