Trans Global Rail
August 3, 1997

Acting on an email message to the CUNY Railroad List from Allan Hunt,

Date:         Mon, 28 Jul 1997 23:23:03 PDT

Former IC GP26's 2601 and 2602 and SD28 9450 departed Council Bluffs, IA
July 29 on train CBBI-29, dead in tow and destined for Trans Global Rail in
Des Moines, IA.  Also in train was former IC GP10 8170, destined for
National Railway in Silvis, IL.

All four of these units were originally billed to National at Silvis, via
an IC Chicago IAIS route, but I saw the 2601/2602/8170 heading west on CC
train I-11 back on June 11.  I believe they have been at Council Bluffs
since, "lost" on the CC.  Not sure how 9450 got to Bluffs.
Jan and I drove up to Des Moines late Sunday morning to see if we could find the IC units.

We heard a warrant being given to a southbound grain train at Avon, so we detoured south on highway 5 and waited for them. The train came up the hill from Carlisle at 11:00 with UP 6883 and NS 9045 on the point.

At Short Line Yard, UP 2227 was switching at the west end as the MDMEA was trying to complete an air test. They decided that they were going to have to set a car out of the train, so we went on north to Trans Global. A southbound, the MITKC, was getting ready to go at the Hull Avenue yard.

The gates were unlocked and the doors open at Trans Global - unusual for a Sunday morning. From the odor, I'd say someone was doing some painting this morning. I walked around to the north side to get some pictures of the locos parked outside. Appenoose County 973, which has been at the facility for some time, was still undergoing work, parked next to ex-CCP 978, which had been relettered both RSS (crossed out) and DSCX.

As stated in Allan's note, IC 2602, 2601 and 9450 had been moved to the rebuilding facility. Both 2602 and 2601 have Alco trucks under an EMD carbody. A green EMD switcher, marked NREX, was parked in front of IC 9450. Behind the 9450 sat SP 7200.

We drove back down to the Short Line Yard area in time to see the MITKC train cross Market Street behind UP 2656 and EMD 7003. As soon as they cleared, the Eagle Grove train was given a signal to pull north in order to do their switching. We went back up to Dean Avenue to get pictures of it. The MDMEA had CNW 4709, UP 5954 and CNW GeeP 4107 on the point.

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