Meeting at Beech

June 24 and June 29

5:47 P.M. Tuesday, June 24

A northbound manifest is in the siding and has started rolling through the siding switch toward Des Moines as the conductor on a southbound holding the main re-boards the engine.  Two CP units lead as the train approaches and passes under a wooden bridge over the UP's Spine Line.  The second CP loco even sports classification lights.  After the head end is into the corner south of the bridge, I take a shot of the block of autos on the rear and the northbound moving slowly out of sight.

6:41 A.M. Sunday, June 29

Early Sunday morning a southbound holds the main at Beech and waits to execute the "after" line in their warrant.  The conductor has lined the switch for the siding and is on the ground waiting to inspect an opposing train.  The awaited northbound arrives at 6:49 with a pair of Wisconsin Central engines on the point, WC 6578 and 7525, the latter with Operation Lifesaver, "Look Listen and Live", painted on the long hood.

The northbound rolls up to the switch as the conductor seeks high ground and watches the train take the siding.  Compared to the pictures taken a few days ago at the same location, it's obvious that Iowa's had some precipitation.  After the train is in the siding and the last car clears, the southbound's conductor lines the switch for the main.  With the conductor back on the loco, the southbound rolls just before 7:00.  UP 2222 is followed by CN 2587 and UP 9695 as the train accelerates away from Beech.

That's It!