June 25, 1997

The Union Pacific made one of its now-rare visits to my home town on Wednesday night around 10:30. Byron was in town to stay with us so that he and I could get an early start on a scouting trip to Galesburg the next day (see the next excursion). Upon hearing the horns, we drove over to see what was up and caught CNW 4603 as it crossed Iowa Avenue on its way into town.

Down at the 6th street crossing, the train (one car and engine) prepared to shove an empty tank car through the run-around, leaving a loaded one behind. However, upon inspecting the tracks, the crew found that a pickup truck was fouling the main so that they could not get back out of town.

A radio call to the dispatcher brought out the local authorities. It must have been a quiet night on the streets of Indianola, since, before the truck was pulled away from the tracks and taken to be impounded, we had three city, two county, and one highway patrol officers on hand!

That's It!