June 22, 1997

Jan and I were scheduled to talk about our adventures in El Salvador on this sunny summer morning. We drove to the Platte Center church just southwest of Creston. After showing our slides and answering many questions, we had a wonderful potluck dinner and headed back up to Creston for some train-watching.

Doing the switching duties at the Creston yard today were BN 2106 and SF 2306. They were both sitting near the west end of the yard, along with two BN cabooses, 12526 and 12257.

We drove to the east end in time to see a coal load, of PRBX cars, head out at 1:10. On the point were MACs 9561 and 9407. They were met by a train of JE empties, pulled by 5027 and 5103 just before they left the yard. 5027 changed crews at the yard office and was soon on its way westward again.

Right behind, waiting to come in, was another empty. They rolled up to the yard office at 1:20 and departed at 1:40. On the head end of these GCCX cars was Oakway 9049, BN 9290 and BN 5549.

In five minutes, the next empty appeared, this one having BN cars behind BN 9493, OWY 9030 and SF 8136.

We decided to go eastward and see what we could catch along the way. We drove into Murray and watched while some track-work equipment was put away before another westbound train appeared. This train of mixed freight came into Murray at 3:00 with BN 5522, 6303 and 6398 in charge.

That's It!