Lots of Yellow Engines
Thursday, June 21

Byron and I decided to meet in Boone for effortless train watching along the UP on Thursday.  We had a warm morning and a forecast of a hot and humid afternoon.  We met at the east end of the yard, the "Hard Road", about 9:00, just as a tie train was coming in from the east with two units, UP 2460 and 2386.  A MARX coal load was making a crew change and pulled at 9:10 with UP 7234 and as yet unpatched SP 140.

We drove into town and parked across the rails from the UP offices to catch two eastbounds.  At 9:28 we had a set of empty piggyback flats eastbound on Main 1 behind UP 8552 and HLCX 5967.  Close behind, but on Main 2, was a freight train with UP 9465 and 9751.  Right next to our parking spot the signal kiosk was open, so I got a shot of the illuminated track diagram for the crossovers at MP 203.

A Form B was in effect today between MP 203 and 209 (round numbers), apparently due to work on the new viaduct over the Des Moines River.  Byron and I drove out to have a look, but you can't get very close at either end because the gravel road that goes under the existing bridge is closed from both directions, and the construction is obviously moving mountains to create a new right-of-way north of the old steel bridge.

Back in Boone at 10:20 we watched the tie train cross over at 203 to run right-handed through the work area.  Power was UP 2460 and 2386, as noted above.  Some workers within the Form B were trying to get a chance to tear out a grade crossing, but traffic was keeping them off the rails.  Following through the crossovers to go west on Main 1 were:

10:36 - UP 9035, 9057 and 9031 with a freight train - note markers on 9035
10:55 - UP 7100 and 7029 with 6006 behind a set of somewhat bent-up KGLX hoppers
11:11 - UP 5523 with empty well cars
After those four, there was about an hour break before it was time for some eastbounds to come through:
12:19 - CWEX load with UP 6704 and ex-CNW UP 6715 in front, and x-SP UP 6387 behind
12:39 - Freight behind UP 8432, 8484 and 9286
13:48 - Ethanol train with UP 8042 and ex-SP UP 6174
By this time, it was getting quite warm and humid.  Other than Boone Hobbies, there's not much shelter outside of the car in Boone, so Byron and I decided to call it a day.  I did stop to get pictures of one more westbound, an intermodal (loaded) waiting east of the crossovers at Shamrock.  Leading were UP 5330, HLCX 6335 (apparently ex-SP) and UP 3503.

That's It!