Pleasantville now "Hawkeye"

Saturday, April 28 - 6:00 A.M.

On an early morning errand to Pleasantville I intercepted an eastbound on the BNSF Des Moines branch.  The train was led by four units, BNSF 4740, 945, 5305 and 4884, and the consist was a long string of BNSF grain hoppers.

Saturday, May 5 - 7:30 A.M.

I found a crew being delivered to a work extra this morning.  After hearing dispatcher "KRS" use the phrase "East Siding Switch Hawkeye", I had a short conversation with the conductor and learned that the Pleasantville siding has now been renamed by the railroad and is called "Hawkeye".  This is supposedly to reduce confusion between the line's locations "Pleasantville" and "Pleasant Hill".  The train, with one unit, BNSF 2099, was a set of empty flat cars headed east to pick up work equipment from a recent tie replacement project.

Wednesday, May 9 - 7:20 A.M

While out on another early mission, I heard a southbound train getting a warrant on the UP Spine Line and then heard them on the Hartford detector (MP 61.6), so I decided to intercept them at the grade crossing on S-31 northwest of Beech.  After a short wait, I could see the train approaching.  On the point was an interesting set of units, UP 5104, TFM 2606, and KCS 4614.  The train itself was a unit grain load.