An Evening at Osceola

Tuesday April 28

    I volunteered to pick up my stepson at the Osceola depot on Tuesday evening.  At a Des Moines train meet, I'd heard that one of the long-time Amtrak station attendants had died unexpectedly.  "Junior" Black and his partner Pat Green have managed the depot for many years and I know both of them very well.  This image of yours truly, JR and Pat was taken in May of 2008.  I wanted a chance to visit with Pat and to contribute to JR's memorial.

    While waiting, I caught a couple of empties hurrying through ahead of Amtrak No. 5.  At 7:56 BNSF 9262, 9634(?) and 6277 came through with a set of empty tub gondolas.  Just ten minutes later, I had another empty with BNSF 5794 and 5833 in front and a couple of units trailing in DP.

    At 8:15, Pat took the waiting passengers across the two mains to wait for the Zephyr, which arrived at 8:21 with ATK 135 in the lead.

That's It!