Averill Open House

BNSF Afternoon

Sunday, April 27

Byron came over on Sunday and we left after lunch for an open house at the Allegheny Eastern, a large (26' X 44') HO layout at the home of John Averill.  This model railroad has been under construction for about four years and occupies most of the home's basement.  Here are some images from our visit:
Long shot from northeast corner
Scenery on east side
Bridges, south end
Small town, south?
Main yard, west side
Engine service facility, west side
Yard operations
Triple headed steamers
Triple headed steamers
Triple headed steamers
Scratchbuilt station
After leaving John's house, Byron and I drove southwest to Osceola and intercepted a coal load at 1:40.  This train had PSTX/ESCX cars, and was led by BNSF 9444 and BN 9650.  After watching it go through town, we headed out on Hwy. 34 to pace the train on its way east.  The detector east of Osceola reported the equivalent of 118 cars on this load.

Our next stop was on the road into Stephens Forest where we had a short wait before the train reappeared.  They split the signals at MP 344 and came under us at 2:05.  We gave chase again and raced the train up Whitebreast Hill (not too challenging) into Chariton.

Another short wait brought the train into sight again.  While we waited we heard the Russell detector report a 452 axle train on Main 1.  It looked like we'd have one of those double-track-decision situations, where we would have to decide which side of the rails to hold for the meet.  The eastbounder, coming through the Chariton yard and by the old depot, looked like it would get to us first, but it would be close.

We could hear the horns of the westbound train behind us and soon the gates were going down.  Immediately after taking the previous image, I turned and got the westbound coming around the last turn in Chariton's "ess" curves.  The trains met right in front of us at 2:28.  The empty had BNSF 9418 and BNSF 9734 towing WFAX hoppers.

After the meet we got some takeout lunch and dined by the rails at the west end of the yard, but the radio was quiet and nothing more came by on the mainlines.  Byron said we watched the BNSF's trains, "...both of them".  We went north along the UP "Spine Line" through Melcher, but didn't find any activity there either.

That's It!