Des Moines Model Railroad Meet

Saturday, April 19

I left home around 7:45, on my way to meet Byron and Blake at Meredith Middle School in Des Moines this morning.  I caught the DMOWQM switching a couple of tank cars near the Smith Elevator on my way through Pleasantville.  They had BNSF 5200, 536 and 6733 today.

At the meet, there were four modular layouts running.  One new to me was the TBRT layout, an N scale affair designed to sit on table tops.  When I enquired of one of the ladies running the trains what TBRT stood for, I was told "Two Broads Running Trains"!  They had a sound system of some kind under the table and would invite youngsters in to push a button that produced a fairly loud horn.

There were two other N modulars in the Meredith gym, the DMNTRAK setup, and a DMTTRAK outfit as well.  The TTRAK standard uses very small modules that are placed on tabletops, similar to the TBRT above.  The TTRAK layout was labeled "South Lincoln Railrunners", and had one module with snow marked "Tunnel 29".

The new Warren County club was present, with a somewhat smaller setup than they'd run when I went to their open house in Indianola.

We left the meet to get lunch and went to Short Line Jct.  No trains today, however.

Back at the meet, I got some pictures of some nice structures from the contest/display room:


That's it!