CPFW at Carlisle and Indianola Train Show

April 2 and 5

Wednesday, April 2

I gave myself Campus Day off and, after going to Menard's to pick up a window we ordered, I came back through Carlisle.  I'd noticed on the way in that there was a string of covered hoppers sitting at the south end of the siding, and when I returned at 8:40, a UP train had stopped near the north end of the siding, cut away from its train, and was now picking up the hoppers.  They shoved back north in front of me, with a man riding the back of the cut and another on the ground near the rest of the train.  I noted an ex-Rock Island car, in fading "Bankruptcy Blue" go by.  The power backed past me, UP 3962, 9221 and 4548.  I didn't stick around to wait for them to get their air, signal and head on south today.

Saturday, April 5

Wouldn't you know?  After I move out of Indianola, an HO model railroad club forms!  Under the leadership of John Averil, a group has constructed a number of modules and can now put together a fairly sizeable layout.  They had enough stuff together to put on an open house, and I went over to check it out.  The Warren County club has a couple of mainline tracks running DCC and one DC loop for locos that are not equipped with decoders, (like Thomas, here).  They were running quite a variety of equipment, something I've noticed is typical of modular setups.  Today they had articulated and conventional steam locos, along with those rare CB&Q passenger F-units.

That's It!