March Encounters, Short Line and Pleasantville

March 15 and 20

Saturday, March 15

While running some other Des Moines errands, I stopped at Short Line Junction for a take-out lunch.  I noticed that surveillance cameras have been added to the UP's signal system tower where the Spine Line crosses Dean Ave.  At 11:45 the UP brought a northbound out of the yard and around the northeast leg of the wye.  Leading this manifest were UP 9719 and 4120.  Among the cars going north were a number of ethanol tanks, like this "Global Ethanol" one.  Other than that train and a lot of power in the yard, it was a pretty quiet morning.

On my way home, at 3:15, I intercepted an eastbound grain train on the BNSF at Pleasantville.  On the point were ex-SF units, BNSF 543 and 520.

Thursday, March 20

On my way home from classes on Thursday afternoon at 2:40, I came through just in time to see a crew tying down their train and being loaded on a van.  The train was the eastbound DMOWQM, led by BNSF 6786, FURX 7284 and BNSF 2932.

That's It!