Ottumwa Train Show

Saturday, March 7

    Mark VanWyk and I  met in Pleasantville on a rainy Saturday to go to the Quincy Mall Railroad meet this year.  We headed toward Albia, stopping just north of that town to get a picture of a DMOWQM train tied down awaiting a relief crew.  The local was powered by BNSF 549 and 5264.

    We stopped for a minute in Albia to get pictures of the helper power, BNSF 9619 and CEFX 1012, parked at the top of the hill near Main 1.

    At Ottumwa, we caught the California Zephyr at 11:30.  The passenger train was on the north track and routed around a coal load to come to the depot on Main 2.   ATK 160 was followed elephant style by ATK 27.  The lead loco had suffered some recent damage to its nose.  There was a fairly long stop while the crew changed and the passengers dropped off for a smoke.  At 11:47 they rolled on out into the rain with their short consist.

    Mark and I spent some of the day looking over the train displays and vendors at the Quincy Mall.  The Great River Club was present as usual, but with several modules that were rather bare.  It's always fun to watch children react to the "toy" trains, large and (very) small.

    Mark and I made it back to the depot around 1:30, just in time to catch the DMO we'd seen earlier, now recrewed and hustling toward Burlington.

That's It!