A Short Visit to Short Line

Saturday, January 12

I met up Saturday afternoon with Mr. George Durbala, who was in Des Moines to visit relatives, for a quick visit to Short Line Yard.  George is a former Rock Island telegrapher, agent and operator who worked Short Line tower back in the days when the two Chicago-Denver tracks crossed the Kansas City Short Line here.  Before picking up George I'd come by the yard around noon and seen a couple of SD's turning on the wye.  A bit later a drag came down from Hull Avenue behind UP 460.

After some sight-seeing of RR sites in southeast Des Moines, George and I returned to the yard around 1:45 and caught three units, UP 3035, SSW 9714 and UP 9728 being turned.  Just a few minutes later a grain empty came through northbound behind UP 9299, 9515 and 9451.

We visited with another fan parked at the junction while we waited on the M-DMDM (Marshalltown turn) that we knew was on the Ft Dodge main waiting at Easton Blvd. for the grain train to clear.  They came south at 2:50 and took the northeast leg of the wye into the yard.  On the point were UP 2967, UP 3058 and UP 3442.  I believe the last unit might have been Dead In Consist and headed for interchange with the IAIS to be taken to NRE at Silvis, Illinois.

While the DMDM was working its way into the yard, George and I had a look at the one remaining diamond at Short Line Junction.  It appeared that the IAIS had been out and done some work on it, raising it into better alignment with the "Spine Line" and even doing a little welding on the battered points.  Compare the previous to this image taken last spring.

That's It!